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What Couples Say 

"Our Retrouvaille experience saved our marriage from divorce after we experienced a crisis that we believed could not be fixed. The couples who presented on the weekend had problems just like ours, maybe even worse problems. They shared how they healed and taught us the skills we needed to work through our issues.

Truly a lifeline!"

"Wonderful, practical, coherent!"

"It was good to learn that I wasn't alone when the presenting couples had the courage to share their stories."

"Beautiful venue! Peaceful and romantic! The meals were great!"

"It was extremely helpful to have the follow-up sessions."

"I really found the weekend program powerful and a healing grace. Excellent." 

"Couples with actual marital issues who spoke gave us hope because we know the techniques taught actually work in practice, not just in theory."

"Everything seemed to be well-organized, well planned. I especially appreciated the personal detailed stories as I could relate to every one of them in some way or another."

"Each presenter did a good job of connecting their lived experience with the ideas talked about and the goals described." 

Excellent. Engaging and Informative.

"Absolutely an enlightening experience."

"Recommend many times over." 

"I am thankful for the tools we learned and look forward to growing closer to my spouse."

"This weekend was a blessing." 

"We leave with real hope and have experienced the healing love of God! Powerful!" 

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